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The SOFAR 255KTL-HV inverter series is the latest addition of string inverters to SOFARSOLAR’s product portfolio. This inverter is made for large ground-mounted 1500 Vdc systems, and supports connecting 800 Vac to the grid.

With 12 MPP trackers and increased DC current capability, the inverter supports the latest solar panel specifications and eliminates the need of PV fuses. The IP66/C5-rated housing of the inverter is also optimized for easy handling on site. Surge protection type II is integrated on both DC and AC side.

  • Built-in Anti-PID and PID recovery
  • Compatible with AI and Cu AC cables
  • IP66 and C5 Protection
  • IV Curve scan and diagnosis
  • Type II SPD for both DC and AC
  • 12*MPPT with max, efficiency 99.02%
  • Touch free commissioning and remote firmware upgrade
  • AC / DC dual power supply redundant design, 24-hour status monitoring


Max. Input Voltage(V)                                        1500
Rated Input Voltage(V)                                     1160
Start-Up Voltage(V)                                           550
MPPT Operating Voltage Range(V)                500V-1500V
Full Power MPPT Voltage Range(V)                 800-1300
Number Of MPP Trackers(V)                             12
Number For DC Inputs(V)                                  24
Max. Input MPPT Current(A)                              30*12
Max. Input Short Circuit Current(A)                 50*12

Manual SOFAR 255KTL-HV

Technical Data SOFAR 255KTL-HV